From the comments on this article from last week, I can see that it was visible somewhere in the Lotus community... a number of you stepping in to call into question the economics and the simplification of the author's message.  Putting aside that an article about Exchange 2010 starts with the thought that Domino customers are the ones that should be moving -- doesn't that ever get old for MS fanboys? -- the second question slam dunks all multi-year/multi-release TCO arguments of them vs. us...

2. Can I simply upgrade an Exchange 2007 organization to 2010 by upgrading my server in-place?
Unfortunately, no. You will need to install an Exchange 2010 server into your Exchange 2007 organization first and then move things over.
In the comments, Charles Robinson points out it isn't that simple -- since most servers will need a different Windows operating system as well.  Rip-and-replace, it's just so consistent a theme that it doesn't even phase Exchange admins anymore.  Upgrading a Domino server -- hmm, 5-10 minutes of downtime, an install, and up and running again.  Seems like we should be able to do upgrades like that in 2010, not like this article.

Link: Infoworld: 8 key tips for transitioning to Exchange 2010 >

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