Some very revealing data points from Osterman Research, via the InfoWorld Open Sources blog:

The survey reveals some key findings:

    * 70 percent are concerned or extremely concerned about the complexity of the Microsoft Exchange migration effort.
    * 69 percent are concerned about the amount of time the Exchange migration will take.
    * 59 percent of organizations indicated that messaging storage growth is a serious or very serious problem.
    * 48 percent of companies have NOT allocated budget to meet e-discovery or compliance requirements. [This is surprising given the importance of compliance.]

The cost is non-trivial. Osterman Research has built a cost model that demonstrates the cost of migrating to Exchange 2007 for a 5,000-seat organization can be as high as $244 per user.
Osterman has elsewhere said that the "cost of migrating to Microsoft Exchange 2007 can be as high as $700 per user for small organizations."  That's a big range, but the point is, it's pretty darn expensive regardless of the size.  And for this cost, what do you get?  E-mail.  

Link: Infoworld: Email survey says: "Exchange 2007 is a big jump" > (Thanks, Steve)

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