Corporate blogs don't have to be public. IBM has several outward-facing blogs for communicating with customers, but the company also has BlogCentral, an internal IBM pilot program that enables employees to keep personal blogs. As of March 2005, BlogCentral has nearly 8,000 registered users and almost 3,000 active Weblogs with a total of 20,000 posts made, according to Dan Gruen, researcher at IBM.

"Because BlogCentral is searchable and because you can easily see the latest postings across BlogCentral as a whole, it can help you discover colleagues throughout the company with interests similar to your own," Gruen says. "We've seen people using blogs to diary their daily experiences using a new technology or building a new kind of system, monitored by others as a sort of real-time virtual apprenticeship, which lets them observe events as they unfold and see the issues that arise and how they are addressed."
With no personal offense, I'd like to see an article like this just once not mention the Scobleizer.  There are others of us out here, too, ya know.
Link: InfoWorld: Enterprise collaboration with blogs and wikis >

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