Infoworld and other IDG publications have been running this story today....

[Microsoft Corporate Vice President Dave] Thompson was on a press tour in the U.S. this week to promote Exchange Server 2007 and also provide an update on the Exchange business at Microsoft.
So I heard!  Apparently, it included a stop at the airline lounge at LaGuardia or JFK or some such airport.  

The new software also will allow users to send encrypted mail between servers running the product. Previously, extra set-up had to be done for this to happen. "Any pair of servers, no matter how they are connected, if they are Exchange Server 2007 they can automatically encrypt traffic between them," Thompson said.
Impressive -- Notes has had this for more than a decade.  Then there's this:
For example, server administrators can set up policies to prevent employees from different groups in the company -- brokers and financial analysts, for example -- from exchanging e-mail with one another, he said.
Sounds kewl and geeky, but in practice, who is going to do this?  Is there a company where you can't make a phone call from one group to another?  or send a FAX?  It sounds compliance-y, but in practice, it seems more than bizarre that a communications system would implement the overhead to block the ability of people to communicate.  If they need to, they'll get around it.

Link: Infoworld: Exchange server emphasizes security >

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