There was tons of coverage of this week's announcement of a Linux version of the Lotus Sametime server, and Adam has it all  in two posts on his blog.  One article in particular got my attention....

In June, IBM announced it is building links between Sametime and Microsoft's Outlook, Office and SharePoint applications. The links, slated for early next year, will give users access to Sametime 7.5 functionality from within those Microsoft products, an attempt to lure those users to the IBM system.

In January, IBM announced Sametime 7.5 will be linked with the public IM networks from AOL, Yahoo, and Google, but it apparently couldn't reach an agreement with Microsoft over MSN Messenger. Marshak declined to comment on that issue, but the impasse apparently remains.

Other enhancements due in Sametime 7.5 include a refurbished user interface, improved privacy and security capabilities, embedded VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) functionality and support for the Eclipse open-source application framework.

The Notes-Domino messaging and collaboration system, a sister product to Sametime, already runs on Linux.
It's like you need a scorecard to keep up with all the news out of IBM Lotus in the last few months.  Notes Access for SAP Solutions, Notes/Domino 7.0.2, Notes on Linux, a huge new Sametime 7.5 release, Sametime integration with Office, Sametime server on Linux, early news of Quickplace 8, and beta of Notes "Hannover" (and next Domino) coming soon.  Can it be any clearer how much IBM is investing in Lotus?

Link: Infoworld: IBM preps Linux version of Sametime >

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