IBM Alphaworks is now featuring a Weblog preview for IBM Workplace covered in InfoWorld:

IBM on Tuesday revealed plans for two new corporate blogging tools it plans to add to the forthcoming Version 2.5 of its Workplace collaboration platform and Workplace Designer development tools.

In addition to releasing details of the Workplace blog offering, Big Blue made available a free preview of the blogging tool that will ship with Workplace 2.5 later this year. The trial download can be accessed at IBM's alphaWorks site.

Version 2.5 of Workplace will ship with a Weblog component that allows users to create blogs with features such as archiving, permalinks, comments, search, and syndication, according to IBM officials. ...

For the Eclipse-based development tool Workplace Designer, due in Version 2.5 in August, IBM is adding a fully built blog component that can be deployed to Workplace or customized for developers. ...

IBM Lotus Notes and Domino already offer blogging and blog reading tools.
That last bit was meant to convey that tools are available for blogging and blog reading on Notes/Domino.  But you probably already know that. ;)

Link: InfoWorld: IBM to add blogging tools to Workplace >  (Thanks, Bruce)

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