An "excellent" review of Notes/Domino 7.  Infoworld gives ND7 a score of 8.7 out of 10, scoring 8 or 9 in all categories.  The review specifically calls out Linux support for both end user (in Domino Web Access) and administrator (Domino Web Administrator).  Last two paragraphs sum things up nicely:

Notes and Domino 7 continue to improve TCO with features that can boost end-user, administrator, and developer productivity, along with better scalability. I believe it's also notable how IBM continues to evolve this platform beyond e-mail and calendaring. The company has a solid road map for the next release, code-named Hannover (Notes 8). When available in late 2006 or early 2007, Hannover should further support composite applications, such as bringing together e-mail, documents, and meetings into a single interface -- a key part of an SOA.

IBM prices this solution competitively with Exchange and GroupWise.  Notes and Domino 7, however, can have a better TCO, the result of supporting more users per CPU, easier administration, and integration with other IBM Lotus products, such as Sametime for online meetings. This makes a convincing upgrade argument for existing customers -- and a sound reason for considering a switch from other solutions.
Link: Infoworld: IBM's collaboration tools evolve >

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