InfoWorld's Ephraim Schwartz talked recently with IBM's David Marshak....

I wanted to know what's next: How will IM's collaborative capabilities be extended once the enterprise adopts it?

Marshak envisions what he calls the "extension model," which will allow companies to broaden the IM paradigm through plug-ins. Sametime is built on top of the open source Eclipse platform, which makes it relatively easy to build in all kinds of corporate plug-ins. For example, a location-awareness plug-in looks at a user's IP subnet and compares it to a set of known locations, which matches the IM to a Zip code. Then the buddy list appears on a Google map via a Web service mashup.

But there are also plenty of new ideas, which will change or at least shorten any business process that relies on contacting people.
The article goes on to discuss contextual collaboration, enabled by this Sametime plug-in model.  What's kewl is that the same open plug-in framework will make Notes "Hannover" more extensible, too.  I could lose spend days surfing the Sametime 7.5 plug-ins already being created within IBM...some useful and some not-so-useful.  Will be an interesting market extension to track.

Link: InfoWorld: IM as a unified collaboration platform >

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