A good roundup article highlighting the various alternatives in market to Office 2010. Lotus Symphony scores 3rd after Office itself and SoftMaker Office 2010 (never heard of this).

Don't let the name fool you. IBM's Lotus Symphony suite has almost nothing to do with the earlier incarnations of the Lotus Symphony suite -- it's now a rebranded spin-off of OpenOffice.org, with a heavily reworked interface courtesy of IBM's programmers. It also features only three applications from the OpenOffice.org suite, but they're the ones that matter: word processor, spreadsheet, and presentations.

Launch Symphony and you'd scarcely know you were dealing with anything derived from OpenOffice.org at all. The look of the program is markedly different and, in my opinion, substantially more attractive.
Link: InfoWorld: Microsoft Office 2010 takes on all comers >

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  1. 1  Sam Bridegroom http://www.bridegroomtech.com |

    Is it just me, or does it puzzle anyone else that MS Office gets a value score of 9 when the majority (if not all) of the others are free?

  1. 2  Jim Baker  |

    Great funding idea for your annual department party: change Office suite

  1. 3  Tripp Black http://www.mindwatering.com |

    @1, Good point.

    On the other hand we pay $$ for Macs because they are more stable and cause me (I'm the help desk, too - small company) less work. However, for us, MS Office, was something to dump, not keep because its $$ verses 0. Says something about value to me.


    We run Symphony as our standard. We were on the Mac beta of it. We used the savings to buy our VMware licensing. :-)

    We do actually have one guy we had to switch from Symphony to OpenOffice. He can open his DOC files, but cannot open his LWP and WPD ones (Lotus SS, Word Perfect). OO can open them. We haven't been able to find a plugin that will add the open filters for the older formats. For all Symphony doesn't do, this is the only limitation that actually made us "migrate" one person to another product. The rest of the features we haven't missed that much.


    After a couple hours of bellyaching that it's different, we like the simple context sensitive sidebar and its simple layout. It just works.

  1. 4  Don  |

    The article didn't really place a value on the strength of the Symphony plug-in capabilities. I've found some really nifty utilities without having to wait for the next release or where only a subset of the community really needed the feature.

  1. 5  Wayne Sobers  |

    @3 Similar issue here. We use Smartsuite and passed on migrating to Symphony 1 because it took forever to load and was lacking other features.

    Version 3 is much better, but now we are unable to open WordPro and 1-2-3 documents. Silly really, as it would have made migration so simple. "File | Open" .LWP or .123 file and "File|Save As" open office file.

    They also need to improve the mail merge features as they are quite awkward to use.

    That being said, version 3 shows a lot of potential.

  1. 6  Adam Osborne  |

    Symphony is fantastic. Well done Ed, and integrating it in Notes was pure genius.

  1. 7  Fabio   |

    Ed , MS Off. is a great product for 2 things : Excel and access. Meanwhile there is no replacement for both there won't be a crowd use for other office suites. AOO and LO both miss this point. Calc and base are far away from MS applications. Calc macros are horrible and HSQLDB is the worst RDBM around. If we could just change BASE to use sqlite half of the work would be done and more people could left MS office . LO had promise to change a long time agoa but nothing till now. AOO never care about it. IBM left the battle and just remove any database. I can't criticize IBM because is better to not have a product than have a half-product as Base.

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