Head-to-head review of Lotus Symphony, Google Docs, Zoho, and OpenOffice.org...with Lotus Symphony receiving the top score of 7.8:

Lotus Symphony is the most polished of this particular pack of productivity suites. The word processor continues many of the complex formatting features that made Ami Pro a favorite of technical writers, and both the spreadsheet and presentation manager are full featured. Symphony's most significant weakness is its limited set of applications -- it's clear that IBM sees Symphony as an adjunct to Lotus Notes, which would provide e-mail, discussion, database, and other features. If you mainly seek great functionality in the "big three" applications, then Symphony is a great answer. ...

Can Symphony do all you need in a personal productivity package? If you require solid functionality in word processing, spreadsheet manipulation, and presentation creation for a Windows platform, and co-authoring those files isn't critical, then yes. Symphony's feature set isn't as rich as Office's, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Straightforward, rich functionality for an individual or small group -- that's nothing to sneeze at.
Link: InfoWorld: Test Center review: Office killers pack some heat >

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