Rod Boothby claims to have figured out the magic recipe for migrating Notes applications:

I have heard outrageous estimates for the cost of moving off Lotus Notes, should a large company want to switch. The problem is that companies have built a great deal of information into their Lotus Notes databases.

So, how expensive is the switch?

Given that Lotus Notes Domino can export all Lotus Notes database information into Domino powered web pages, the cost is actually extremely low.

All you do is write a web crawler to screen scrape all the Domino web page versions of the databases, dump the results into an XML file in an RSS or ATOM format, and then point your fancy new Read/Write Intranet tool at that RSS/ATOM file.

Any halfway decent VB, C#, Java, or Ruby programmer could do the conversion for you in an afternoon. Just to be safe, assume that there will be some hick-ups along the way. Worst case scenario should take a week.
I've read this about six times in the last fifteen minutes, just to make sure I'm not missing something.  But just in case I have, Boothby created a simple graphic to show how easy this supposedly is.

And just to go a bit over the top, he then asserts
Lotus Notes can also be used to create applications and work flows, but in my experience 99% of users to not know how to use these features.
I know I encountered this blog a month or two ago, when he kicked off a survey of e-mail clients and was befuddled to learn that people actually use -- and like -- Lotus Notes.  I also noted that he didn't respond to any of the comments at that time, and that, oddly, the comments box on his blog site is only about 27 characters wide.  This posting will likely be the last time I bother reading.....

Link: innovation Creators: Simple Recipe to Leave Lotus Notes >

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