Chris Reckling:

I don't usually like to do this type of competitive blog, but considering all the FUD that Microsoft has been dishing out lately with their "Notes integration" seminars and the previous "LotusScript is going away" blather, I've been pushed to the edge.

Microsoft will soon stop official support for Visual Basic 6, at the end of March. To be fair, it is the free support that is ending, the product itself will be supported for some time to come meaning that your apps will continue to run on Windows, but the development environment will not be updated - i.e. no VB7 is forthcoming as of this writing.

Recently, there has been an outcry by a group of developers that was reported in various online trade mags, including in eWeek here and here, and Cnet. They've realized that VB.Net isn't really VB at all, and that the migration path isn't all that smooth. VB.Net isn't just an upgrade to VB6 - it's a rip and replace. While Microsoft has an impressive set of documentation on their website about migration to .Net and some tools to help with it, apparently the transition isn't all that smooth.
Contrast that to the IBM model, where you can continue to build and deploy Notes and Domino applications and optionally integrate them into IBM Workplace at your own pace. And lest you actually believe MS when they say they can migrate your Notes/Domino applications, you might heed the same advice as in the VB migration article cited above. It ain't easy or foolproof.

So, with that in mind... as long as you are going to have to migrate off of Visual Basic, you might as well look at the alternatives:
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