A detailed review of the Sametime 7.5 release...very positive comments about the administration and management of the environment:

Surprisingly, it was all easy. Installing Domino and Sametime on a Solaris 10 server didn't take much time at all, once the kinks were worked out. Due to a modified operating system, some of the install scripts for Sametime didn't quite work properly. This was our fault though, and we expect that the installer would run seamlessly on most platforms.

Running the installer, we were presented with a Java-based InstallShield wizard. After a few simple questions about which directory Domino was located in, and where to install Sametime, we were off and running. Well, after a few minutes, that is -- the Sametime server is certainly not a lightweight application.

If the ease with which the installation completed is any indicator, maintaining Sametime is a breeze. After the installation, everything "just worked." The administrator interface, which is easily accessible via a Web browser, provides a very intuitive and streamlined management center.

The Web interface is fully integrated with Domino's, so you can add users, schedule meetings and configure nearly everything from a single interface. It's extremely easy to set up a new meeting, and by default all users can schedule meetings.

From an administrator point of view, Sametime is a robust and scalable product.
Some good details on the end-user experience as well, especially in the area of e-meetings.

Link: Instant Messaging Planet: Review: Not the Same-Old Sametime  >

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