In the Lotus strategy section of the presentations I've been giving this week, one of the slides that I've been spending a lot of time on is how technology trends are changing.  

Image:Internal vs. external interaction

A specific talking point on there is really interesting -- how "communities are forming both inside and outside the firewall".  This is, I'm sure, no surprise to any of you reading this weblog :-), but then again, not all of the constituents in this market are blog readers.  

Anyway, as evidence of why this is a valuable change in technology dynamics, I give the example of my own personal transformation.  While I've always been active in online communities, the balance of my time has shifted in favor of these external connections.  When I started as the sales executive for Notes/Domino about 3.5 years ago, 85% of my daily interaction was with IBM employees.  Now, as the Lotus community's online presence has increased -- both through blog participation and blogging on your own -- I'd say that fully 1/3rd of my day is spent in interactions with external parties -- customers and partners (and the market at large).  

This kind of feedback loop and interactivity is clearly making a positive difference in how I perform in my job, and in the decisions that my peers and I make.  We know that not everyone is involved in our online community, but we also know that this interaction can be fairly representative and share interesting ideas and views.

A lot of these other trends are signficiant as well,  Alan Lepofsky discussed the point about gaming on this blog back in August, and we've discussed a few of these other points.  I'm learning that doing this up-front positioning really helps set the stage for audiences about why Lotus is doing what we are doing.  Marketing, it seems, really can be done well by Lotus.

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