IntranetBlog reports on a presentation by Shawn Shell, who wrote the CMSWatch "SharePoint Report 2008".

Shawn Shell, CEO of Consejo, and author of CMS Watch's The SharePoint Report 2008 from CMS Watch, accurately summarizes SharePoint in one telling quote during his SharePoint presentation at Enterprise 3: "SharePoint does a lot of things, but it does very few things very well".
The list of both cons and pros is a bit feeds-and-speeds for me, but it does highlight some of the major areas where SharePoint needs a lot of expertise to make it happen.  

For example, Microsoft posted this video of using Word 2007 to author blog posts.  Well, it's in there, but apparently embedded video is too edgy.... Anyway, the voice-over uses a classic Microsoft line, surmising that this is easy for users since they already live in MS Word anyway.  Use Word to author a blog post?  A lot of overhead, if you ask me.

Link: The Pros and Cons of SharePoint > (via Joachim)

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