Longtime blogger Chris Toohey has written a series of articles for Intranet Journal.  Today's article examines the three main out-of-the-box templates in Domino -- discussion, document library, teamroom.  I know that tons of Notes applications have been created with or based on these templates, but I also feel that they are often overlooked for their power.  Doclib, for example, has some great Microsoft Office integration, plus revision tracking (I remember all the early Notes apps I used seemed fixated on revision tracking).  The discussion template has subscription/newsletter options, so you don't have to keep checking for new content.    And Teamroom has some very slick project tracking capabilites built right in,

The out-of-the-box templates are a great reminder of why Notes is a collaboration platform, not just a mail system with bolt-ons for workflow or other integration.  I'd hazard a guess that these templates themselves are delivering a lot of the collaboration and knowledge value inside Notes organizations today.

Link: Intranet Journal: Building an Intranet with Lotus database templates >

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