As Alistair Rennie put it to me earlier today, "so you used the 'I need it for work' excuse, too, huh?"

Yes, I bought an iPad yesterday, and it is a timely purchase, with conferences next week and the week after.  I've not been an iPhone user, so this whole thing is going to be a new experience for me.  Should be exciting.

However, I do have to say some things about initial impression.

1) Out of the box, it's a brick.  You have to connect it to a desktop to do anything.  Oddly, it was merely the act of connecting to the desktop that activated it, not the registration step.
2) It works with Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) or above only.  So my iMac, admittedly now more than 4.5 years old, couldn't make it happen (and yes, I could upgrade but no, I didn't want to -- it's a PowerPC-based Mac that is not destined for ten more years anyway). That's a big miss, since the iMac has all the music, movies, and iPod Touch apps in the house.
3) The Apple salesperson in the store suggested using my wife's Apple ID to register, since she is the one with the iPhone and the apps.  At least initially, I can't tell why that was any better of a choice than using my own Apple ID.
and 4) the default photo on the "Sync in Progress" features a picturesque dusk scene, with one shooting star in the sky.  Except that both my wife and I assumed that the shooting star was a scratch or something on the display, and have both picked up the iPad while it is syncing and tried to figure out how that scratch got there already.

So now I know I need to move music from one computer to the other in order to sync, and can't quite figure out what to do about the apps.  Ah well, it's not like I really needed Angry Birds, anyway.

Lotus Notes Traveler still to come, more impressions to follow.

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