Irish Encore

May 30 2006

For weeks, Paul Mooney has been asking me to consider speaking at the next Irish Notes User Group meeting.  No, I did the first one, I said.  No, I have to be in Washington DC that week, I said.  No, you have some amazing speakers lined up already, and don't need me, I said.

Throw that all out the window.  I can't think of a cooler event to be at than to be speaking in Dublin on Friday, June 16.  Paul has lined up an incredible wealth of expert speakers, including Bill Buchan, Warren Elsmore, Kathleen McGivney, Libby Ingrassia, Rob Novak, and Tom Duff.... and now I'll join them, too.  Hope you'll be there, it will be an impressive day and also some good craic!  

Find all the details on the Irish User Group Quickplace >

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