A very impressive third Irish Lotus Notes User Group has been announced for 24-25 May 2007 in Dublin.  I wish I could attend again, as Paul Mooney, Eileen Fitzgerald, and everyone else have put together a fantastic agenda.  It's so big, they've expanded it to two days.  Look at all these great speakers.  And the price is right -- it's still a free event., you just have to get there.

As you can see in the banner, Paul and company play a bit to the niceties of the venue and time of year.  Late May in Eire -- what could be nicer?  There are some fantastic hotels in Dublin, too, including the Morrison -- one of my all-time favourites anywhere.  I'm sure it's just coincidence that the US Memorial Day holiday is the following weekend, and there are so many speakers coming from the States....

Image:Irish Lotus Notes User Group 2007 -- what an encore

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