We're heading into the final two breakout session timeslots of the day here at the ILUG in Dublin.  Almost a hundred people turned out for this event, with attendees coming in from England, the Netherlands, Germany, and all over Eire.  Good questions and interaction.  Strong interest in "Nomad" (install Notes on a USB memory key), the Domino 7.0.2 weblog template, and of course Notes "Hannover".

While I'll be formally thanking Paul Mooney and Eileen Fitzgerald a bit later in the afternoon, it's worth blogging about their efforts as well.  I don't think Paul has slept in weeks -- I've chatted with him online at all hours, and have seen him give his time and energy generously.  Eileen was a great help in event logistics and hosting many of the out-of-town speakers over the last 24 hours.  These two represent the passion of the Notes community, and I'm proud to be a part of it.  Thanks also to Kitty Elsmore for assisting with registration and more.

Naturally, there's a bit of extra at-ease among the speakers, since we are all good friends and the event has a somewhat relaxed atmosphere.  Rob Novak gave away free beer and found his dream job, Tom Duff got wet but didn't inhale, and Spanky the Euro-blogmonkey made it to the speaker's podium.  For most of these -- you had to be here.

We'll be wrapping up a bit later, followed by drinks in the hotel pub and a geekdinner.  Looking forward to more good interaction before heading home tomorrow.

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