Paul Mooney has been working day and night -- quite literally -- to make next week's second Irish Notes User Group meeting an impressive event.  We've been chatting at all hours while this comes together.  The event is free to attend, and IBM has even come to the party with sponsorship of a free lunch.  We're even attracting international celebrities...

Several of the speakers are reprising topics presented at Lotusphere 2006.  But there's new content, including a session that is sure to be talked about -- Bill Buchan's "Dev Blast", in which he'll cover 30 developer tips in 45 minutes.  That's almost as fast as he put away that beer in Karlsruhe...  There are also customer case studies from the Irish Prison Service and Irish Probation and Welfare Service, along with a feature session from my colleagues on Workplace Designer.  I'll be starting the day off with a keynote at 9 AM.  Paul has also mentioned a geekdinner following the day's events.

All in all, this is turning into a not-miss day.  Attendance is open to all, not just the Irish, and Ryanair still has some ridiculously low fares available for fly-ins.

I'll be working in Dublin on Thursday next week before the event, and while Mr. Mooney has been checking up on this as well, I thought it might be worth "availablogging" to see if any other customer visits are needed on the 15th.  I realize that almost everyone in the Irish Notes market will be at the UG on the 16th, but thought it worthwhile to mention.

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