Sprint 4G mobile router.
Palm Pre.
Nokia N900.
Nexus One.
New Blackberry Bold.
Windows Mobile 7.

Is anyone else getting mobile whiplash?

It seems like the time horizon for innovation and one-upsmanship in the mobile space is about two weeks.  More to the point, each device is introducing genuinely new innovation and leaps forward, not just leapfrog or Moore's law.

I can't remember a time quite like this in hardware.  Certainly nobody gets this excited about the latest Dell, HP, and Lenovo laptops.

The rate and pace of change in the handheld device market is indicative of its maturation.  It's becoming clearer and clearer that in a short period of time, mobile devices are moving (have moved?) to front and center stage in terms of both raw and, increasingly, preferred computing power.  My older daughter occasionally pokes at me for using my Crackberry so much, but as I point out to her, I'm just as likely now to be looking something up on wikipedia for her homework as I am to be reading my corporate email.  It's a much, much more all-purpose device.

Honestly, I'm excited but bored at the same time, if that makes any sense.  When my Blackberry Bold 9000 started dying a month ago, I didn't hesitate to move along to the next Bold 9700.  All those other devices?  Sure, interesting, but is one of them going to make that big a difference for me right now?  

The life cycle for a handheld phone-based device for me right now is about 15-18 months, max.  I am fortunate to be able (usually) to upgrade that fast, but it's also the limits of how rugged these devices are.  I know that Bold 9000 wouldn't have made it another six months, or at least I would have ripped the trackball out of it by that point out of frustration.

I admit to a fascination with the rate and pace of what's going on in the mobile space, but am having a hard time challenging myself to think discontinuously about the long-term future.  Incremental improvements such as we heard coming out of the World Mobile Congress this week, sure, but the next-big-thing?  I'm sure it's out there--heck, at the current market pace, it's probably only two weeks away.

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