There is probably some slight irony in it taking me three days to get around to writing this.

In the last several weeks, I've noticed a trend on weekends.  My blog hits and comments go WAY down.  PlanetLotus shows very few new Lotus-related postings.  And most indicatively, my Blackberry is quiet, and my work e-mail volume is dropping.  In short, weekends are, with the exception of that 7 AM concall on the US Memorial Day holiday, finding some balance again.

Last weekend, PlanetLotus had ten Lotus-related postings on Sunday (many about Quickr 8.2) and only four Lotus-related postings on Saturday. had a total of 389 visitors on Saturday.  I received eight work emails on Sunday and only four on Saturday.  Something is different... because for sure those numbers don't reflect what happened Monday morning. :-)

I am not sure what has changed.  If anything, in a tight economy, there's a sense of constant urgency to the business decisions I and my team are making.  We can't afford to let up, and that means that my habits in product management are the same as they were in sales...checking in a few times a day, every single day, and planning to plow through a little bit of email, blog reading, activities, etc. on Sunday night.

So what is it?  Yes, for the northern hemisphere, it's coming into late spring and beautiful weather.  But there seems like there is more to it than that.  At some point, we all recognize that we lose effectiveness if we try to plow through a 24-7 work schedule, machine-like.  Downtime is critical recovery time.  It's why we sleep (at least as near as the scientists have figured), why we seek hobbies and interests, why we spend time with our families.

I'm encouraged that this change may well be reflection that we are all getting better at collaboration.  Certainly, the more downloads/hits I see on the information that I share, internally or externally, the more I realize that self-service is one of the key benefits of Web 2.0.  And if it gives me my weekends back, so much the better.

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