More Bloor Research on Lotus...

Although the two rivals' product ranges are gradually converging in user capabilities, they remain markedly different in their server architectures and their embrace of open standards. (Exchange runs only on Windows Server, for example.) This is likely to be to IBM's advantage, as it can offer its customers a wider choice of servers and the chance of consolidating them. On the other hand, Microsoft Exchange is an easier fit with Office and other Microsoft products. Also, some users find it easier to use and understand than Notes.
Well, on the other hand, is it an "easier" fit or a "tighter-than-a-noose" fit?  And as for easier to use, "Hannover" is designed to address that.  ND7 was primarily a server-focused release, and while there are client improvements, the next big release will have big enhancements.

Link: IT-Analysis: IBM releases Lotus Notes/Domino 7 >

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