I was on a panel discussion at LinuxWorld Canada this morning entitled "Alternatives to MS Exchange...on Linux!"    This article in ITBusiness.ca covers one such success story...

Pioneer Petroleums LP is one company exploring that frontier. The independent petroleum retailer with 150 locations across Ontario has been using faxes and phone calls to communicate with its remote locations and decided it was time for an upgrade. The company wanted real-time messaging and decided it was time to place a PC in every retail location. But it didn't have the funds to hire staff to support the PCs. Pioneer wanted a solution that could be centrally managed, said Dale Sinstead, director of information systems and technology, and that usability and reliability were also key concerns.

The company decided to deploy IBM Lotus Workplace Messaging running on Red Hat Linux because Linux gave it the ability to lock down client desktops so that the remote users could not download unwanted material, Sinstead said.
Using Linux on the remote sites allowed Pioneer to steer clear of all of the administrative problems associated with Windows, such as dealing with malware, he said. "The Windows operating system is exploited a lot more."

Users have access to e-mail, calendaring and scheduling, instant messaging and e-learning. Presence awareness is also built into the system. Pioneer uses Domino LDAP for authentication and can do all the administration on the machines remotely, Sinstead said. So far, Pioneer has deployed the Linux desktop at 25 locations.
Link: Canadian enterprises tout open source success stories >

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