This article is a great overall Lotusphere summary.  It covers the announcements, the buzz, and the issues.  Well worth a full read.

One specific issue that it discusses is branding.  If there was one area where I received a lot of negative feedback during Lotusphere, it was on branding.  In almost every session where I participated, someone raised a question related to the Lotus brand, the Workplace brand, the "old" names for Lotus Instant Messaging/Web Conferencing, etc.  In this article, Ambuj gives the most succinct answer yet on the high-level direction:

Admitting that marketing of various brand is a "complex topic," Goyal said IBM is not about to throw away its investment in the Lotus brand.

"Lotus is an amazing brand, The portal will continue to be branded Websphere. But we need an umbrella for marketing and we're marketing around Workplace. Individual products will maintain whatever brand they have."
As for the actual product names under that branding, IBM's consistent use of "descriptive" product names across the entire software portfolio will continue.  "Quickplace" and "Sametime" won't ever return to being the official product names (as was asked at "ask the developers"), but as one colleague pointed out -- you can call them whatever you want, as long as they get the job done for you.  Sometimes branding changes stick immediately -- "Domino server" kicked in pretty quick, though I still hear people refer to a "Notes server" -- while other changes take longer.  This is just a moment in time, and in the long run the key message to understand is that IBM is IBM's strongest brand, and that Workplace is an investment IBM brand designed to be an overarching representation of all the existing and future products. I'm pretty confident that someday not too far down the road, this will all settle down and make sense.
Link: Lotus users seek clarification around branding issues >

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