Disappointing to see an article on Lotusphere eve that has no balance to it, finding two partners to quote about how the lack of advertising for Domino is the problem for Lotus.  Analyst quotes too:

With Lotus about to launch Notes 8.0 later this year and set to announce new products at the conference, has the troubled collaboration and messaging products brand turned the corner in its battle with Microsoft, or was this just a one-month wonder?

At least one industry analyst was impressed by the numbers. "Wow," wrote Forrester Research's Erica Driver in an e-mail interview. "This is a huge increase." Until the release of the numbers, she was predicting Lotus would - embarrassingly -- have even slower growth in 2006 than it did the year before.
Lotus has reported growth every quarter for the last two years -- no one-month wonder.

And in a bit of irony for one of the thrusts of the article, the advertising accompanying the article online is -- yep, IBM software products, including Lotus Sametime.

Link: ITBusiness.ca: Lotusphere: The pre-show analysis >

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