The Australian Bureau of Statistics is one of the most mature, invested Notes/Domino customers I have met anywhere in the world. They really understand the value of the platform they built, and in this story, are demonstrating why it makes sense to further that investment:

The bureau adopted Lotus Notes and Domino for its workflow, messaging, knowledge repositories, subscription business intelligence services integration, records management and web content management in the 1990s.

It added IBM's enterprise social computing platform, Connections, to its portfolio in 2008 with extended Knowledge Management functions now supported across Connections and Notes/Domino.

The IBM suite integrates with ABS' core statistical and support business functions, and can be deployed remotely by staff in mobile computing. ...

“A lot of people are hooked on the Microsoft office suite. But then what does that do for your collaboration, knowledge management and records management?” Hadley said.

“We’d only be trying to make SharePoint do what we can already do with the Notes platform.”
Link: iTnews: Bureau of Statistics retains Notes in IT transformation >

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  1. 1  Peter Wilson  |

    Keep building on Connections guys as a way to build email market share again

  1. 2  Mike Brown |

    Interesting follow-up discussions to this on the Australian tech site, Delimiter:

    { Link }

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