Last November, I wrote about how aggressive Google was being at doing street-level views on Google Maps.  It was cool to see my neighborhood, and much of the entire area, mapped out at street level.

Eight months, later, it's all gone.  The street-level views of this particular subdivision have all disappeared.  Nearby neighborhoods are still there, but we're off the map.  Oddly, Google's satellite view of the Fort Sheridan development is updated...there is a hybrid of an old satellite image of the historical/residential development where I live, along with a brand-new image of the construction-in-progress for the adjacent military housing.

Image:I’ve disappeared from view

You can see the shadow and color contrast where the new satellite image has been inserted.  What's frustrating is that the image of the residential section still shows the remains of the golf course (removed in 2003) and some roadways that don't exist.

Both Google maps and my own TomTom have another challenge, in that this residential section of Fort Sheridan doesn't appear to be publicly-accessible.  My TomTom can't do turn-by-turn directions to my own house (not that I need them, but others using it might) and Google marks the whole space in a sort of industrial gray.  It's been eight years since the residential section of Fort Sheridan opened....who says that online maps are the most current!

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  1. 1  Ben Rose |

    If I remember correctly, the Garmin GPS we got in our hire car got us to your front door in Sept 2007 with no issue at all.

    Nokia Maps 2.0, on the other hand, doesn't have a clue where you live - it can't even find the street.

  1. 2  Stephan H. Wissel |

    See it from the bright side...

    Disappearing data is evidence of something or someone important in the neighborhood.

    :-) stw

  1. 3  Brian Benz |

    I've always liked the overlap ghostly effect of my Vegas neighborhood, shown at the left of the picture here:

    { Link }

    That's better than it was when I moved in - until a few months ago it was all dirt. Having said that, it's still pretty amazing to have this at all!

  1. 4  Cheyney Rushing |

    Or see it from the dark side...

    Like the beginning of a new Stephen King story along the lines of The Langoliers.


  1. 5  Vitor Pereira |

    If you use the *other* maps site you get the bird's eye view.

  1. 6  Carlos  |

    So how long before we get real-time maps ?

  1. 7  Henry Ferlauto |

    Face it Ed, it's an elaborate plot against you. Next Google will erase all your mail. Then..... :)

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