Birds of a feather flock together...

This is taking things far too seriously for IBM's own good. How many FSJ readers are actually potential Notes buyers? How many of those would take it literally?

It's hard to tell how well Brill is doing given that comments have been deleted or removed from his blog. However, we already know that there are many more people who hate Notes than work for Louts Lotus. It's a standing joke. Get over it. This is not a fight Lotus can win.
Regarding comments that were deleted or removed -- one was a duplicate and two were from a pseudonymous user who left no valid e-mail address.  Like, I require both for people to post comments here.

As for Mr. Schofield's comments, telling a vendor like IBM with a significant-sized (and growing) business that is being invested in appropriately that "this is not a fight you can win" is easy to say, harder to have taken seriously.  Especially when the complainant is still using a Notes R5 or Notes 6 client on a Mac, and hasn't shown any willingness to be open-minded about the future.  I'm hopeful I can find a colleague in the UK to go visit him soon, or someone like Paul Mooney, who is a bit less threatening than the vendor coming in to "set the record straight" (oh, and Mooney uses a Mac).

Link: Jack Schofield: Fight! Fight! It's Fake Steve versus the Lotustards >

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