Jeff starts on the FAQ for Notes Hannover, including what is increasingly becoming the worst-kept secret at IBM...

Currently, there is no official number assigned to Hannover or Domino Next because any numbering and naming has to clear lengthy legal hurdles.  But, between you and me, the number is likely to be somewhere between 7.99 and 8.01.
He also addresses (in the comments) why there will be a "traditional" or "classic" win32 executable-type Notes client:
First, we have a very large customer base. Some of our customers are eager for some of the functionality slated for the Hannover release available in the non-Eclipse based client (such as multi-level undo), but not willing at the moment to take on the admittedly higher retraining costs and other changes for the Eclipse based client.

Second, while we are doing our best to keep the footprint as small as possible, it is likely that the Eclipse based Hannover will have a larger hardware requirement than the non-Eclipse based client. Our goal, for example, for the Eclipse-based Hannover is to have 512MB RAM as the minimum memory requirement under Windows XP. I believe it is 256MB for the non-Eclipse based. We are working hard not to force hardware upgrades to the latest and greatest. Rather, we aim to work on "relatively recent" hardware. Some customers, unfortunately, don't have "relatively recent" hardware -- hence the non-Eclipse based client to fill this gap.

Of course, the goal in the future is to have only an Eclipse based Notes client. That will come when our customers indicate they are ready for it.
No rip-and-replace here....

Read the whole thing.  Link: Jeff Eisen: Hannover 101 -- The Basics >

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