So last week's posting about an Exchange migration certainly stirred up a lot of commentary.... and it went in a lot of different directions.  One of the more common thoughts was that Notes needs to be able to demonstrate more "out of the box" value....things you can do with Notes not just in abstract but rather as tangible applications.  Out-of-the-box or near-out-of-the-box value.

It's good to see that several people have ideas on how to address this, whether IBM gets involved or not.  Certainly OpenNTF got a lot of mentions in that thread, and they have some great apps like Dombulletin and DominoWiki.  But there's a sense that more can be done.

John Head writes:

I really believe the best option here is for the community to come together and build a bunch of these. We could pick the 20 or so that are at the top of the list, get a couple people per template, and go for it. We could also use the 'Blue Rinse' UI that Steve Castledine used to update Dominoblog to the IBM Blog Template for 7.0.2. Maybe we can get some of the folks who made the awesome applications on to update their applications with this common UI. If we put it together in a package, I am sure we could get it linked and into the hands of the right people ... people doing demos and downloads. Inside PSC, we have a saying "Do not complain about a problem without at least one possible solution." We can all complain about what is not there, or we can try to do something about it.
and Declan Lynch joins in:
I'm ready to run with this.

I have a number of simple 'QuickApps' templates that are designed as starting points for notes applications. While they work as good examples of what can be done in Notes you would quickly outgrow them but them make great sample templates.
So that's the first couple of volunteers to make things happen.

Interested?  Head over to John's site to join the discussion (please discuss there, not here....).  

Link: John Head: Maybe it is time we all step up ... >

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