So a few people have asked me about Project "Atlantic" today, trying to figure out how it is different from the Notes Access for SAP Solutions that was announced a couple of years ago.  John Head has the answer:

As a partner in the small and medium business space, we have seen some interesting tactics with Microsoft and SAP. When SAP gets a company to decide to move to their product, Microsoft uses this as an Exchange migration tactic.

"If you run SAP, you have to switch to Exchange and our server products. With Duet, we are the official partner of SAP"

That is no longer valid! SAP being on stage, working hand in hand with IBM and Lotus....

Honestly, whatever happens from a technical perspective is not as important as the ringing endorsement SAP just gave Notes and Lotus. I think this could be a major game changer when it comes to the mid-market and growing the Lotus business.
Well, it's an endorsement both ways, but the point is entirely valid.

Note that this is net-new, joint development by both companies, and takes advantage of Notes 8 and its support of Web Services.  As I said earlier today, there's more to come on this tomorrow at 11:30 (and repeated later in the day).

Link: John Head: Project Atlantic a.k.a the IBM and SAP annoucement ... is a HUGE deal! >

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