Looks like John has found one of today's announcements, and it's a screamer (as in screaming fast)....

You can download Lotus Symphony 3 beta 3, now, with tons of new features and improvements over the earlier beta.  Development progress on UI, fit and finish, and performance has been excellent.  I've been using Symphony 3 exclusively for several months, and it is just a joy on this 100% Microsoft-free desktop.

Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3 adds some exciting new enhancements. You can now customize the toolbars and arrange them as you like. We've added a one click export to PDF icon that you can add to your toolbar. You now have the option to create toolbars to support your individual work style.
We've continued to enhance the user interface and added more features to the sidebar panels in all three applications. We've added additional animations options to give you more choices and moved frequently used functions to the sidebars so you don't have to search for them. We're also connecting Lotus Symphony to the cloud with a new LotusLive plugin. You will be able to store and retrieve content directly from within the Symphony application to our LotusLive service. Make sure to get the plugin from the Symphony plugin page and sign up for the free 30 day trial of LotusLive.

We still have a little surprise that goes along with this in the DNUG keynote this morning in Berlin.  I'll add something about that later today.

Link: symphony.lotus.com: Lotus Symphony 3 beta 3 >

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