Last week, my colleague Arthur Fontaine and I participated in the useful and engaging Lotus Technical Information and Education community open call.  Our topic was "Future opportunities for Notes/Domino professionals", and we lead a good discussion on the topic.  We know that with significant change in the IT market in general, and the Notes/Domino market specifically, admins and developers are thinking about how to align their personal interests with future career opportunities.

Joyce had the whole thing recorded and you can listen to the playback and watch the slides on her blog.  We have good suggestions for both audiences for ways to lead, not follow and evolve your career with the changing market.  I want to be clear that I know that no bit of advice is a panacea -- had a stark wake-up on that after the call when I learned that one of the call's participants had arrived at the office that day to learn that their job had been offshored -- but there are many opportunities out there and great ways to create ones for yourself.

Link: Joyce Davis: Replay of July community meeting - Future opportunities for Notes/Domino professionals >

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