Julian Robichaux found the updated IBM Lotus Domino applications and the IBM Workplace technical strategy whitepaper on lotus.com and lived to tell about it...

[M]uch to my surprise, much of the whitepaper actually talked about the strength of Notes/Domino as an application development platform. It wasn't "Yeah, Notes was great while it lasted, but here's what you're moving to"; it was more like, "Domino is still the right choice for certain types of development: here's where you should use Workplace, and here's where you should continue using Domino, and here's how they can work together."

I have to admit, I was floored. I've heard a lot of talk about how Notes isn't going away, but this is really the first thing I've read that I could print out and lay down on my manager's desk and say, "See, IBM is telling us to keep using Notes." Which is what I did. ...
And again, it's in language that managers can understand. That's always nice.
It's interesting that Julian has received a whole bunch of comments for the (admittedly hysterically funny) reprint of "I'm a USER, BABY" lyrics, but nobody has chimed in as to their perspective on this whitepaper.  It's been around for a while, actually -- over a year -- but was recently updated.  Glad to see that the update is on-target for Julian, hopefully others will find it useful, too.
Link: Julian Robichaux: Notes/Domino and the Workplace Strategy >

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