Julian notes the rhetoric in the latest chapter of the Microsoft OOXML saga...

It seems that Microsoft is attempting to turn the whole debate around ODF vs OOXML into a schoolyard you-can't-be-my-friend-if-you-want-to-be-his-friend argument, by characterising the entire debate as a side-with-Microsoft-or-side-with-IBM decision. A particularly impressive form of weasel words is "If it was not for IBM, it would have been business as usual for this standard" - hmm, let me see, yes of course it's perfectly normal for a single-vendor proposal with an almost total absence of secondary support to be rushed through the standards recognition process in an immature form as a knee-jerk reaction to the fact that there's already an accepted standard which is better and more open but is likely to hurt aforesaid vendor's revenue. That kind of "business as usual". My heart bleeds.
I really like his conclusion...
Finally, Microsoft has become deeply arrogant, resembling the how-dare-you-even-question-us-we-are-who-we-are attitude that got IBM into so much trouble some years back. If Microsoft were to take a bit of a tumble - not a complete collapse, but relatively trying times with a few layoffs and some business units and products (Zune!) being put to the sword - that would force them to concentrate rather more on innovation and less on market manipulation. In turn that would be beneficial all round in making an organisation which undoubtedly harbours some impressive talent and genuine excellence to stop behaving like a playground bully and start getting along with the other kids.
Every so often, I see a glimmer of hope in that direction.  And then it just fizzles out.

Link: Julian Woodward: In the blue corner, IBM >

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