I've just finished lining up my travel for next month and it's going to be quite the scorcher. First, I will be on vacation in Arizona US for several days, where the average temperature is already about 100F/40C during the day. From there, I am headed straight to the middle east, for my first ever customer meetings in in Dubai and Doha, where the average temperature is already about 110F/45C! Looking forward to this opportunity to meet our clients in a new region. After Doha, I'm swinging back through Europe for the 2012 DominoPoint Days event, this year in Milan. The DominoPoint event features numerous international speakers this year, so the question won't always be "parli inglese?" Colleagues Jan Kenney, John Campitelli, and Niklas Heidloff will speak, along with several IBM Champions and industry experts.

Other than this big swing, I've been trying to limit my North American travel to day trips lately. Lots to do to keep Notes/Domino Social Edition moving, Connections Mail progressing, and IBM Docs updating. Watch for an IBM Docs update on IBM Greenhouse in about a week.

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