This is so cool.

At Lotusphere, Tungle announced that their connector for Lotus Notes was in beta.  The Mac version wasn't ready until a few days ago, though, so I hadn't yet really started to tell people to "tungle me".

Last week, I installed the beta plug-in and didn't really think anything further about it.  Earlier today, though, a colleague used Tungle to schedule a meeting between a few of us IBMers and an outside party.  If you haven't tried this, what happens is that each party invited to a meeting specifies when they are available -- the person setting up the meeting can use Tungle to find some times to start with if all parties are on the service -- and when all parties have responded, the meeting is booked.  Before the plug-in, what would have happened is that I would have received an iCalendar invitation to process onto my Notes calendar.  Now, with the plug-in, I simply received an email indicating that the meeting had been scheduled, and voila -- the plug-in automatically put it on my calendar.

Tungle is a great way to set up meetings outside your organization, where free-time search is not possible.  With the Notes plug-in, the process becomes seamless on both sides.  My customized Tungle page shows when I am available, and my Notes client keeps it updated in the background.

We are looking forward to announcing the formal availability of the Tungle plug-in for Notes soon.  Meanwhile, if you want to check out the beta, find the details and sign up information here.

Link: for Lotus Notes -- Beta Connector Now Available! >

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