I was asked recently whether there are a lot of Domino customers taking advantage of the WebSphere Application Server limited entitlement that has been part of the Domino 6 and 7 license.  I had to say that honestly, I don't know the answer -- I certainly remember the decision-making that lead up to this entitlement, but have never gone back and critiqued it.

"Kapalienator" wonders:

I am wondering why Java doesn't capture the attention of majority of the notes/domino developers. In openNTF there are very few projects that are based on Java (ofcourse, you could argue that there are fewer or nill in .NET/PHP/Ruby/whatever category). The same applies to the bloggers - few domino bloggers talk about Java).
The blogger goes on to suggest six different ways that the entitlement could be leveraged...combining Domino and WebSphere into a powerhouse.  Are you doing anything along these lines?

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