"Keep it Real", Ray

April 27 2006

Put these two press articles together and what have you got?

Fortune, May 1, 2006, "Microsoft's new brain":

As [Ray] Ozzie pushes to remake Microsoft, he does it knowing that everything the company does is examined under a microscope. He frequently recalls something a friend at another tech company told him before he started his new job.

"He gave me one piece of advice," says Ozzie, "and that was 'Keep it real.' He said, 'I don't want to see you shilling for [Microsoft] Exchange and trashing Notes.'"

Ozzie wants to transform Microsoft without sacrificing his integrity. It won't take long to find out if he can.
Then read this, GCN, April 26, 2006, "Ray Ozzie | Behind Microsoft's Groove-iness":
Ozzie: Although I've got very warm feelings for the product, the team that built it, the partners who built businesses around it, and the customers invested in it, Notes was designed at its core for an earlier era. Today there is a far greater set of choices, and in some cases, a far more appropriate set of choices.

Notes was designed for the world of the early '90s--a "re-engineering the corporation" era where the mandate was to utilize technology to share information across departments within an enterprise or government organization.  ...

Today there are many choices of robust applications and application frameworks more appropriate for today's computing and communication environments.

In general, I advise customers to consider that the very thing that made Notes successful--its deep integration--is now the most significant aspect constraining customers.
Sounds like "Keep it real" fell on deaf ears.  I'll go back to a point I've raised earlier...it makes no sense to me that Ozzie is constantly lauded with Notes as his claim to fame, while he and his colleagues are busy trash talking the product.  It's like one of those Hollywood breakups, where in front of the cameras everyone says something nice, but the tabloids are full of the "real" story.  Hmmph.

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