Kevin Kanarski recently started a blog, and one of his first entries posits a challenge his users are seeing:

For the past couple of months our Lotus Notes users (myself included) have experienced dropped connections in Lotus Notes when sending e-mail with attachments from a Comcast Internet connection. Evidently Comcast has implemented a filtering device to try and curtail the use of P2P software on it's network. Unfortunately they didn't do their homework and have applied this filter to port 1352 as well which is a registered Lotus Notes port.
I am a Comcast user and am not experiencing the issues that Kevin's organization is.  I connect to the server hosting over port 1352 and everything seems to work.  In separate e-mails, Kevin indicated to me that they feel the impact mostly on large file transfers.  I wouldn't necessarily see this because my access to IBM servers is through a VPN, and thus, not directly over 1352.

I'd ask someone to write a letter if I thought it would make an impact.  As Kevin notes, Comcast doesn't even acknowledge that they are doing any filtering.  He links to some forums and postings that describe the issue, but no good solutions.  Can you help?

Link: Kevin Kanarski: Comcast filtering Lotus Notes >

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