Good morning from Copenhagen.

If you've been following my tweets, you'll know that I'm spending these couple of days at the Palace Hotel, right at the City Hall Square.  The hotel, run by Le Méridien, is nearly complete with a major renovation.  TripAdvisor reviews were accurate - the clock from the City Hall tower chimes frequently and loudly, the shower room and WC are at opposite ends of the room (and the heated towel rack is in the wrong one of them), there is no clock in the room.  OK.  But I have this amazing view of the square and the City Hall...genius at work.

Genius at work

The room itself is otherwise great.  Nice working area, huge flat screen TV, nice lighting, all the amenities.  Plus the balcony over the square.  Nice place.

I arrived in Copenhagen yesterday at 1:15 PM, after an 11 PM nonstop departure from Chicago.  Slept almost the whole flight, but it was still disorienting to arrive, head straight to IBM, and deliver a 30 minute presentation.  I kept wanting to say "good morning" at half past three.

Dinner last night was with Stephen, Klaus, and Jens from Convergens.  Exceedingly gracious of them to take me along for my first Carlsberg of the trip (very nice), though that induced the sleepies again right away.  We had a very good conversation about the dichotomy of e-mail vs. application server in Domino, the state of the business partner market, and Domino applications with very large data sets.  Smart guys with good insight.  I'm sure I'll say that again tonight after the meeting and tomorrow's INOPI-sponsored Lotusphere Comes to You.  Might also see some other friendly faces in the next 32 hours before heading to Brussels.

Meanwhile, I have a few hours to spare this morning.  While I want to answer some e-mail and blog about today's release of Alloy by IBM and SAP, I also want to get outside into that sunshine.  I've only been in Copenhagen city once before, in 2002 after a DNUG meeting...and can't seem to remember the purpose of the stop here!  I remember where I stayed, even Peder Oxe -- where I ate, what I did tourist-wise...but cannot for the life of me recall the real reason for stopping here.  Oh well.  Time to re-acquaint.

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