Sorry for the radio silence on the blog, the last few days have been intense, but intensely productive.

Lotusphere Comes to You in Edinburgh was incredibly successful.  A record 150 attendees, mostly customers, and an approximately 80% turn-up rate for a free event.  Very enjoyable to meet several customers and partners through the day, along with a chance to catch up with so many long-time colleagues and friends amongst the IBM Lotus team in the UK.  Was great to see Warren and Mike there representing the UK Lotus User Group -- whose own event will also be in Edinburgh on 8/9 October.  I won't be able to make it with the baby's due date being 14 October, but I am working on a very exciting IBM speaker for the event.  Hopefully we'll be able to confirm/announce this speaker soon.

The event was a very special one to all, and not just because we ate Haggis together (yes, I tried it...breaded and fried, anything can taste good).  I received several e-mails and tweets of feedback about this event, unsolicited.  As often as I do these events, you might assume that it's just work-a-day for me.  Hardly.  That's what makes e-mails like this one so appreciated:

I attended LCTY today in Edinburgh and just wanted to pass on my thanks and say that I thoroughly enjoyed your keynote. I didn't get a chance to speak to you personally but you've re-ignited my passion for all things Lotus!

A well organised and informative day.
On Friday, I jetted down to London for a couple of productive customer meetings, followed by a Tweetup.  Not everyone could make it, but I would again like to thank Andy, Jon, Philip, Matt, Matt, Matt, Kerr+1, Mick, and Ports for joining me down at the southbank for a nice dinner and a few beverages.  We had a few joiners from outside the Lotus yellow bubble, which was great.  I especially enjoyed talking with Jon Mell about his social media consulting practice and future trends, Kerr about his latest project and interest in CouchDB, and exploring numerous other topics all the way around.  I will do more Tweetups for sure.

Saturday was an enjoyable day off, where my friends Ben and Jo took me along on a day out to the Roman city of Bath, followed by a drive and a walk through Cheddar Gorge.  Bath was really cool, great architecture and of course the history of the Roman bath itself.  Cheddar Gorge was an unexpected treat, especially the cheese shops (well, perhaps those were expected given the town's history).  I also enjoyed the one free hour I had to walk the Royal Mile in Edinburgh earlier this week, and know I need to spend more time amongst the Scots in the future.

No travel booked for a few weeks other than a personal vacation, and perhaps a journey to Boston for Enterprise 2.0.  Next week, we'll be back at it from home base.

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