There were over 200 attendees at today's Lotusphere Comes to You in Toronto.  While it was great to see so many familiar faces, I was also a bit sad about those who were not there.  And as per an anonymous comment on my previous posting, there may well have been more who wanted to attend, but didn't know about the confirmed date for the event (it was "TBD" on the IBM website for too long).

The agenda was the same as most of the other events, but the Toronto crowd was very interactive and asked some great questions throughout the day.  My colleague Louis Richardson gave a great presentation on Quickr -- I've never seen him present before, and found his style very engaging and well-suited to the LCTY format.  Don't worry, Louis, if your slides get more wordy, I won't be critical.... :-)

Most interesting observation of the day for me: Apple was a sponsor for the event, and had a pedestal in the product showcase area.  I wish I had had time before flying to stop by and see what kinds of conversations they were having.

A couple of people asked for the slides from the Desktop of the Future presentation.  I have heard it might need some slight updating later this week....

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