#LeavingLotus #Fail

August 13 2009

I admit it -- it was getting to me a bit.  When a Facebook ad popped up beside my nightly game of Bejeweled Blitz suggesting I "ditch Lotus Notes", the competitive difference of opinion crossed a line.  See, earlier today, Cloud Sherpas hosted a seminar at Google's offices in Atlanta called "Leaving Lotus".  And they encouraged those who couldn't make it to Atlanta to get involved online.
Image:#LeavingLotus #Fail
Only thing is, there's no conversation really going on here.  The two blog entries that Cloud Sherpas have written about why customers should consider moving to GAPE from Lotus Notes have had numerous flaws in them.  When those flaws have been pointed out in the comments -- by me but also by many of you -- there has been simply no response.  This is at least consistent behavior -- the webcasts that Google themselves have sponsored in this area have also left most with more questions than answers.

The lack of conversation became really apparent when one of my IBM colleagues, who had registered for this morning's event in Atlanta, was turned away at the door.  "Small room" he was told.  So, too, were multiple IBM business partners.  Now I know that gmail has no concept of room or resource reservations, but this must have been a major mis-booking if that many were turned away -- because, despite the national advertising and hype, it's not like there was a long list of people actually going in.  Nor were there on the webcast -- and the #LeavingLotus "conversation" on Twitter speaks for itself.

Image:#LeavingLotus #Fail Image:#LeavingLotus #Fail

I'm thinking that today didn't turn out as planned for the Sherpas, on a lot of different levels.  Speakers, attendees, and Twitter don't seem to have gone in the direction of the hype.

You all know that I love to compete, and compete fairly.  Today, I didn't have to worry much about the cute jokes about Quincy, the "only nine spots left" emails, or the Facebook ads -- because no matter how hard they tried, nobody's buying what GAPE and Cloud Sherpas were selling today.  On Twitter, they call that a #fail.

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