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June 17 2011

Earlier this week, I took a step in the direction away from "profersonal" (a term my professional/personal friend Jason Seiden has coined) and set up a separate Facebook page for, well, me. Me as in Ed Brill, Director, Messaging and Collaboration, IBM Software Solutions, as opposed to me--opinionated father, photographer, hobby writer for Highland Park Patch, etc.

I have been a huge believer for two decades in living life online. I share personal milestones about my family, my hobbies, and activities here on edbrill.com, on Twitter, on Facebook, etc. Part of the reason I feel I am successful in both business in personal endeavors is my conscious decision to be connected on all levels to so many of you.

So then why separate any of it out?

My Facebook friend count had jumped over 1000, and for a kid who was a social outcast as a young'un, that was quite a ego-pleasing accomplishment. But I started to realize, unfortunately, I couldn't use the term "friend" for some of the 1000, people I've never had any direct interaction with in my whole life. For a while when I first got on Facebook, I declined such friend requests, thinking that some were probably spammers/bots (and that turned out to be true) and that others really weren't -- even with "limited profile" and other settings -- the people I wanted to share some of my personal details with.

So I quietly launched an edbrill dot com persona page on Facebook on Monday. Here, I have been and plan to post informational purely about the professional side of my job. Links, videos, event information, some of my Twitter tweets...generally anything I can think of pertaining to my day job. That doesn't mean any decrease in blogging - the long form will always continue to be here. It doesn't change, for now at least, my single persona on Twitter, though I've toyed several times with splitting that out, too.

The biggest surprise for me this week -- 35% of the "likes" so far come from people who are not Facebook friends with me.

       Image:"Like" me on Facebook

It's surprising for two reasons. One, the only place I've mentioned this new Facebook page is on my personal Facebook profile. That means that the only initial way to find out about it was to be a friend of mine many of whom I suggested the page to. "Likes" then came in from friends of friends, and I suppose from people searching for me on Facebook.

But the second is that I really had no idea that there's a population out there that wanted to be affiliated with me through Facebook without being "friends". 50 people in a week have joined in, way more than the friend requests I get in a week.

I debated creation of this page for a while, feeling -- kind of like when I first got on Twitter -- that it was a bit of an ego trip to feel myself important enough of having a persona page. The likes coming from outside my friend population are incredibly encouraging that this page is a right thing to do.

It's another place to watch, check, have attention on, but I think it will be worth it. So, come on over. I like the way this is unfolding.

Link: Facebook.com/edbrilldotcom >

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