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Grant Norman of Teamstudio describes UKLUG from his view:

UKLUG as an event is certainly a huge step up in scale from last year. Being in central London has been important for the event to be a success. The venue is excellent. The speakers are first rate.
TechRadar reports on Interbrand's "Best Global Brands" survey--"IBM overtakes Microsoft in brand battle":
Drinks company Coca-Cola topped the BusinessWeek commissioned survey, while Microsoft dropped slightly into third place to accommodate IBM, ahead of the likes of Nokia in fifth, Intel in seventh and search giant Google in tenth.

Interbrand attach a cash value to the top brands in billions of dollars, putting leader Coke at over $65 billion (£32 billion), IBM and Microsoft almost level at just under $60 billion and Google at $25 billion.
Business partner ISW in Australia has published a video case study covering the Sydney Diocese Secretariat's Notes 8 deployment:
The following video provides an overview of the Sydney Diocese Secretariat's recent upgrade to Lotus Notes 8, their views on interacting with Generation Y, and an overview of the organisations objectives and how they have been achieved using Lotus Notes, Quickr, and Sametime.
Last, my photos from last week's tour through Switzerland are now online.
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