I'll be occasionally blogging live on this thread and others from the Lotusphere 2006 opening session.  If you're here, feel free to add your thoughts on this post!

Notes licenses are up --

  • 125 million licenses sold
  • 71,000+ downloads of Notes/Domino 7
  • Double-digit growth
6,000 attendees at Lotusphere (some are in the Swan ballroom overflow, several hundred on-site and last minute registrants)

Guest speaker: Jason Alexander

Ken Bisconti:
- Over 61,000 Notes customers
- Over 200 launch events around the world, touching over 21,000 customers
- "The best release of Notes in Notes history" -- being implemented fater than any Notes release in history
- Notes 7 support for Mac announced (coming in 7.0.2) along with Domino Web Access for Mac (on Firefox)
- Mac/Intel will be supported later this year
- Compares three major releases of Notes/Domino vs. more than three years between Exchange releases, with next release requiring all new hardware and ISV applications on 64-bit architecture/hardware

- "Wanda" -- allows users to carry and run their Notes installation on a USB memory stick

- Expanded Notes and SAP integration into workflows... planned to deliver in mid-2006
- Ron Sebastian just demonstrated Sametime on a RIM Blackberry along with Notes application workflow

Mike Rhodin -- Announcing connectivity for Lotus Sametime with AOL, Yahoo, and Google.  Mike didn't mention this, but one key to this announcement is that the connectivity to these networks is without separate licensing costs

Craig Hayman -- Sametime 7.5 announced.  Details and screen shots from this separate Sametime 7.5 entry

Workplace Forms -- Ron Sebastian has just demonstrated "pixel-perfect" Workplace Forms integration into both WebSphere Portal and Lotus Notes.  Cool stuff.

Bowstreet Portlet Factory -- Ron is now demonstrating how easy it is to create WebSphere Portal portlets.  Over 4000 WebSphere Portal customers, unchallenged market leadership.

Alistair Rennie -- Announces Workplace Collaboration Services 2.6 and Workplace Managed Client 2.6 shipping.  The 2.6 release is the first release where the Workplace Managed Client is generally available -- as a part number on IBM Passport Advantage.

Ron Sebastian -- Showing Workplace Collaboration Services, including a new blog template component.

Workplace Managed Client 2.6 -- Runs IBM Productivity Editors stand-alone.  Supports common file formats but also all the ODF (Open Document Format) files formats.

Alistair -- Over 1 million Domino Designer developers.

Maureen Leland is showing Workplace Designer updates....good show even though her demo errored out.

Craig Hayman came back and demonstrated updates to Activity Explorer and the Activities model.  He highlighted the integration with Lotus Notes 7 as well as browser-based access to activities (supporting Firefox, his favourite browser, and IE, too).

Ken Bisconti -- Next version of Domino will continue existing Domino architecture but integrate WebSphere Portal capablities for further improved web application integration..

OK, so my battery is starting to run low, so I don't want to let this session end without a link to the updated screen shots for the next version of Lotus Notes, codenamed "Hannover"

What a great opening session!  More coming from other sessions and events today!

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