For many years, it has been my tradition to live-blog the Lotusphere opening general session.  It's a fun and frenetic activity to liveblog an event, and I've tried hard to do it in the true spirit and not take too many pre-event hints on what will be announced.  Website traffic soars, good information gets out, and we have a great week.

This year, while I still absolutely intend to blog during the OGS, I am not going to try to capture it all.  After a two-hour marathon press release review last night, I came to realize that we are making so many announcements this week that it will be hard to capture them all.  As I've said before, not all of them are in the OGS, so it will be exciting to see what pops up on whose blog when throughout the week.

So, while I hope you will visit tomorrow for my insights and perspective, I also want to encourage you to check out excellent livebloggers and tweeters, including

This afternoon, I'll be delivering BDD205 at 2:45 PM and then hosting a reception for key Notes 8 reference customers a bit later.  I'll see you all poolside for the welcome reception!

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